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Keppe Motor is in Open Source Production 

by Sterling D. Allan Pure Energy Systems News

The Keppe motor has healing properties, runs cool, has very high and consistent efficiency across all speeds, is easy to make; and its advanced versions are overunity and may eventually be self-looped. More importantly, the group behind it has figured out the secrets to getting along with one another, concepts that can transform our world for good.

I always tell inventors: "It is better to undersell and over-deliver, than the other way around." (Though I tend, myself, to oversell things in my news reporting, falling into that same trap. So

keep that in mind, even as you read this story. My exuberance is very high, and when I write while in that mode, I tend to overdo things.) I just returned from Brazil, visiting the STOP the Destruction of the World organization and their Keppe Motor project. The week and a half I was there was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. It feels like coming back from Paradise Lost, or something of that magnitude. It is the most astonishing case of "underselling and over-delivering" I've ever encountered.

Read full article including a detailed personal acount of Sterling's visit to Brazil here.

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Liberation of the People The Pathology of Power  

We, the people, are in the majority; we are 99%, controlled in a sick manner by 1%. We are the strength and true power (divine) on this earth.

From Liberation of the People: The Pathology of Power, page 24, 
Norberto R. Keppe, New York, 1986

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Thinking with Somebody Else's Head 

The Power of Cooperative Living

In season one of HBO's The Newsroom, Jeff Daniel's character, Will McAvoy, launches into a wild tirade when prompted by a student's question at a college debate. The student asks the panelists to say in a sentence why America is the greatest country in the world, and McAvoy is off on a rant reminiscent of Howard Beale in the movie, Network, from the '70s.And you'll be struck if you're at all cognizant of what's going on, how right on McAvoy is...

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